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The Death of Soap Operas

The death of soap operas: 
What does it say about television?
“ Erika Slezak (Viki/Niki, ONE LIFE TO LIVE)
Soap Opera Digest Print Ad (May 7, 1985)
                                    ABC announced two of its three remaining soap operas, All My Children and One Life to Live a few years ago. They were being replaced with food-centric chat show The Chew and makeover-themed reality show The Revolution now cancelled. ABC already cancelled two more shows in the former time slot of One Life to Live in 5 years!!
Soap Opera Digest Print Ad (March 11, 1986)
 When One Life to Live went dark in January, there  only be four English-language daytime soaps left: ABC's General Hospital, NBC's Days of Our Lives, and CBS's The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful. Why is the venerable TV genre dying? Here, five theories: Only CBS 2 dramas are doing best in the Ratings and  #1 rated for 30 years!! ABC and NBC are struggling...
“ “Three Loving Couples… How Many Weddings?” - ANOTHER WORLD
Tom Eplin & Ellen Wheeler (Jake & Marley)
Thomas Ian Griffith & Taylor Miller (Catlin & Sally)
Julie Osburn & Stephen Schnetzer (Kathleen & Cass)
Soap Opera Digest Print...
                                           1. Networks are cheap (and cruel)It's no coincidence that The Chew"much less expensive, unscripted programs," says Marshall University's The Parthenon in an editorial. The networks are all ditching daytime dramas with "costly actors, directors, and writers... talented enough to create gripping story lines" week in and week out, claiming the public prefers disposable TV trash. "That's just cold," says Jaime Weinman in Maclean's. Soaps are "among the most immersive and personally involving forms of broadcasting," with lifelong, hardcore fans.
“ Doug Davidson & Tracey Bregman (Paul & Lauren, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS)
Finn Carter & Scott Bryce (Sierra & Craig, AS THE WORLD TURNS)
Nicholas Walker & Jess Walton (Trey & Kelly, CAPITOL)
Kim Zimmer & Larkin Malloy (Reva & Kyle,...
2. There's better TV out there nowOh, come on, says Linda Holmes at NPR. A makeover show with Tim Gunn? been cancelled and didn't last very long. A foodie show with the "absolutely delightful Top Chef contestant" Carla Hall? This is good stuff. Besides, soap operas have outgrown their usefulness. "There's so much serialized drama on TV that's really good now" that it's hard to justify five-day-a-week melodramas.
“The Power of Passions. The Passion for Power”
Soap Opera Digest Print Ad (May 7, 1985)
 The shrinking number of stay-at-home women can now "watch reruns of Law & Order on cable," or TiVo, or the internet. Those are options "the first audiences of All My Children and One Life to Live didn't have."
“ (top) Dennis Patrick & Jo Ann Pflug (Patrick & Taylor, RITUALS)
(middle) Christine Jones & Monte Markham (Christina & Carter, RITUALS)
(bottom) Kin Shriner & Philece Sampler (Mike & Lacey, RITUALS)
Soap Opera Digest Digest Print...
3. Soap isn't advertising on daytime TV anymore!!!
Don't forget why they're called soap operas, says Phil Villarreal in The Consumerist

 “Springfield Sizzles This Summer!” - GUIDING LIGHT
(top row) Judi Evans & Vincent Irizarry (Beth & Lujak); Susan Pratt & Charles Jay Hammer (Claire & Fletcher); & Kristi Ferrell, Michael O’Leary, & Krista Tesreau (Roxie, Rick, & Mindy)
(bottom row)...
They were created as "advertising vehicles for cleaning product manufacturers to promote their goods to homemakers," and the final nail in their coffin came when Procter & Gamble decided to scrap soap opera ads in favor of social media efforts. With no sponsors, the soap opera's "time is now slipping away like sands through the hourglass."
“ “Blood and Money: the Ties That Bind” - THE CATLINS
Soap Opera Digest Print Ad (April 12, 1983)
4. "Real life" overtook soapsThe draw of soaps is "becoming immersed in the details and drama of a set of people's lives," says James Poniewozik in TIME.  Well, thanks to today's "larger tabloid culture," we can get the same kind of "serial storytelling, personal intrigue, and schadenfreude" by gawking at Lindsay Lohan or Charlie Sheen or "the likes of Kate Gosselin or the Kardashians." Soap operas are "running out of lives to live." HERE are Some of the very BEST PROMOTIONS for SOAP OPRAS thru the years!!!
“ “Not since ‘The Young & the Restless’ has there been such a startling new daytime drama!” - CAPITOL
Soap Opera Digest Print Ad (May 11, 1982)
”“Congratulations, GUIDING LIGHT, on 50 Wonderful Years!”
Soap Opera Digest Print Ad (June 30, 1987)“And You Thought Alexis Was Bad.” - SEARCH FOR TOMORROW
Soap Opera Digest Print Ad (November 19, 1985)Robert Kelker-Kelly, Lisa Rinna, & Crystal Chappell (Bo, Billie, & Carly, DAYS OF OUR LIVES)
Soap Opera Digest Print Ad (September 28, 1993)“Forever Young”
Peter Bergman, Melody Thomas Scott, & Eric Braeden (Jack, Nikki, & Victor, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS)
Jess Walton & Jerry Douglas (Jill & John, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS)
Michael Damian (Danny, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS)
Soap Opera...“The Hottest New Soap in Daytime - Where Anything Can Happen!” - SUNSET BEACH
Soap Opera Digest Print Ad (February 11, 1997)“Watch Them Operate”
Julie Pinson, Nolan North, Lisa Ann Hadley, Michael Dietz, Debbi Morgan,Mitch Longley, Jennifer Hammon, & Rib Hillis (Eve, Chris, Julie, Joe, Ellen, Matt, Karen, & Jake, PORT CHARLES)
Soap Opera Digest Print Ad (June 3, 1997)“The Drama Heats Up All This Week”
Jon Hensley & Martha Byrne (Holden & Lily, AS THE WORLD TURNS)
Soap Opera Digest Print Ad (December 21, 1993)Lesley-Anne Down, Vanessa Dorman, & Ashley Hamilton (Olivia, Caitlin, & Cole, SUNSET BEACH)
Soap Opera Digest Print Ad (July 1, 1997)Robert Kelker-Kelly & Crystal Chappell (Bo & Carly, DAYS OF OUR LIVES)
Soap Opera Digest Print Ad (December 22, 1992)“One More Great Reason to Watch…”
Peter Bergman (Jack, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS)
Soap Opera Digest Print Ad (December 12, 1989)classicsodcovers:
“Nancy Frangione (Cecile, ANOTHER WORLD)
Soap Opera Digest Print Ad (June 3, 1986)
”(top) Debbi Morgan (Chantal, GENERATIONS)
(bottom) Kelly Rutherford (Sam, GENERATIONS)
Soap Opera Digest Print Ad (October 16, 1990)classicsodcovers:
“ Jason Brooks, Melissa Reeves, & Mark Valley (Peter, Jennifer, & Jack, DAYS OF OUR LIVES)
Soap Opera Digest Print Ad (November 21, 1995)
Happy 50th Anniversary, DAYS OF OUR LIVES!“No One Will Ever Forget Clarissa and Mark’s Wedding Day!” - CAPITOL
Soap Opera Digest Print Ad (November 19, 1985)“You Gotta Watch This City.”
(top row) Morgan Fairchild (Sydney, THE CITY)
(second row) Darnell Williams (Jacob, THE CITY)
(third row) Corey Paige & Joni Allen (Richard & Zoe, THE CITY)
(bottom row) Debbi Morgan, T.W. King, & George Palermo (Angie,...

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