Monday, January 16, 2017

Versace Model Wishes He Had the Gay in Him.....
Former Versace Model Steve Jones Wishes He Had the Gay in Him
Former Welsh Versace model turned TV presenter/actor Steve Jones, who fronts Attitude magazine's new "Sex" issue, say he's jealous of gay men who get to sleep around: "I’ll be sitting in BKB on (London’s) Old Compton Street opposite G-A-Y and see those guys coming out with a different man every night, and I’m just like ‘You lucky b******s,’ I would give anything to have that kind of lifestyle – but the girls just won’t have it."
 He won't jump into that scene however: "I wish I had it in me to give it a go, but I’m just a girl man through and through."
And though his experience kissing a man during a game of spin the bottle was like "kissing a corpse" he says he's game for love scenes on camera: "I would have done them (gay sex scenes.) I would have acted them out. Jake and Heath did it and look at those results – yummy!"

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