Friday, January 13, 2017

Zayn Malik Tapped for Versus Versace Collaboration

Zayn Malik Tapped for Versus Versace Collaboration 
 No stranger to collaborations, Versace announces its latest celebrity partnership. Finding a model muse in Gigi Hadid , the Italian fashion house warms up to the blond’s boyfriend, Zayn Malik. The 23-year-old singer is collaborating with Versus Versace for a new collection, which launches May 2017. Designing clothes and accessories for both men and women, the range will make its runway debut early next spring. Malik will also front two advertising campaigns for the label, beginning with spring 2017 in February.
Discussing the collaboration with Malik, Donatella shares, “Zayn is one of the most exciting personalities on the world stage right now. When we first met, he told me how much he loves fashion. I thought it would be fantastic to collaborate on a new Versus collection together. And, given Zayn’s huge fanbase around the world, I expect there will be a lot of excitement about what we create together.”
 Zayn Malik on Versus Versace
Dishing on how much he loves the brand, Malik relates, “I think Versus has always been a very cool brand. It’s a great brand for me and for people in my generation. I’ve always wanted to design clothes, and there’s no brand I’d rather design for than Versus. The bonus is that I get to collaborate with Donatella, whom I love and admire. I know we’ll create something amazing.”

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