Thursday, February 9, 2017

Loris Diran Men’s Fall 2017


  Loris Diran’s travels to China and India inspired his fall collection and it was evident in his lineup in looks, such as a wool military field jacket with a Mandarin collar that he paired with palazzo pants. Newheart styled the magnificent collection!


Loris Diran Men’s Fall 2017

Loris Diran's travels to China and India inspired his fall collection.


Titled “Back 2 Black,” Diran worked primarily in dark colors — black, gray, pewter and gun metal — with flash moments of white that the designer used for embroidered slogans such as “Life is my message,” a philosophy he absorbed from his travels to Asia.
“China has Confucius and India has Gandhi, right now especially in our socio-political climate, we need to look at wisdom,” said Diran.
Highlights included a black wool field jacket with reverse pocketing and a gray blazer paired with an elongated button-down shirt and a cropped trouser.
Although the designer showed some strong outerwear pieces, his interpretation of “sartorial discussion with streetwear” felt out of place in the collection. Looks were paired with Vint & York eyewear.

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