Sunday, February 19, 2017

Viva Versace Part 9: Menswear

Tribute to everything Versace, from videos, editorials, ad campaigns, quotes, and images from my personal archives spanning 15 years. I will try to catalogue Versace's images from my favorite collections during the last decade. 
Gianni Versace was a man who changed my life and introduced me to the world of fashion, art, supermodels, photography, and music. He will never be forgotten... enjoy!
“Trevor Signorino by Bruce Weber - Versace Dylan Blue
“Lars Burmeister by Leonardo Corredor - PEPLVM Magazine #2
“Ward Strootman by Paul dela Merced
“Luca Heubl by Victor Low
“Francisco Henriques by Greg Vaughan - PEPLVM Magazine
“Joe Bruzas by Balthier Corfi
”Happy Holidays!🎄thegregvaughanstudio:
“Outtake from made in Brazil
“Versace Underwear
“Filip Hrivnak by Branislav Simoncik

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