Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Dato Foland: 5 Questions for A Porn Star

I bagged an opportunity to speak to Dato Foland before his debut with Lucas Entertainment is released.
So what was your first porn appearance and who was it with? Tell us about the experience?

It was with Tom Brand, but it was with a condom. I liked working with him so much that I asked Lucas Entertainment to pair me with him again. We've talked and are both so excited to shoot a bareback scene together in Berlin this fall.
That serious look gets picked up a lot on. Dispel some myths about you being such a serious guy?
I might look serious, but the thing I take most serious is having fun. I love to have fun and get to have a lot of fun whenever I am working and doing what I love.

So far, what would you say your best experience in porn has been and why?
From all the work I've done, the best experience has been joining Lucas Entertainment. They take amazing care of me. I've now shot five times with them and each shoot has been great. When I'm on camera they let me do what I want to do and what I love to do in my personal life. Right now, I'm on top of the world.
Getting back to porn. Who would you most love to work with next but haven't yet had the chance? What would be the scenario?
I've heard Pedro Andreas is returning to porn and would love to work with him bareback. He's very sexy and I think we would have good chemistry. I'm hoping Lucas Entertainment can help me make that happen!

Before we leave you to continue with your sex, do you have a message for your growing number of fans and worshipers?
Peace, love and thank you to you all you. I hope you all enjoy me, enjoying myself with Lucas Entertainment!

Thanks so much for answering a few questions. I hope to interview you properly in the very near future! Have a great time at Lucas and congratulations!

Justin Hartley: Wants "This Is Us" nude scene!

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Justin Hartley is a little jealous of costar  Milo Ventimiglia's  This Is Us nude scene.
On the pilot episode of the hit NBC series, Ventimiglia — who plays father of triplets Jack Pearson — bore his bare buns for audiences to see.
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Sitting down with the ladies of The Talk on Monday, Ventimiglia’s costar Hartley, who stars as Kevin Pearson on the show, is open to following in his on-screen father’s footsteps — and is a little disappointed the same opportunity hasn’t come his way yet.
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Asked if a nude scene has been presented to him yet, Hartley responded, “You know, the thing about it is — no, I’m a little upset about it.”
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Hartley, 40, joked, “I mean, what does that say? Am I losing it?”
But Hartley, who is father to adolescent daughter Isabella Justice   off-screen, is fine leaving nudity to Ventimiglia. “I just leave that to him. He’s very good at that.”
“He’s a tremendous actor and a very talented guy and a very sweet guy, but also a very good sport and just an awesome human being,” he gushed about his costar.
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In October, physically fit Hartley revealed that frequently being unclothed or “eye candy” without intention behind it has bothered him at times.
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“Yeah it has to be honest with you. I have no problem doing that kind of stuff when it’s necessary. You know for the show, especially in the pilot episode, we were telling that story, you know of this guy who is being objectified and sort of sick of taking his shirt off for no reason at all. It doesn’t matter what he’s doing, they want his shirt off,” Justin mentioned to The Insiders.  
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“So the interesting thing about that is in order to tell that story you have to sort of show it in that story, right?” he said. “So I then had to have my shirt off quite a bit in the pilot. That I don’t mind at all, you know storytelling. But the gratuitous stuff it does, it gets a little old sometimes, right? And, raising a daughter, I see this stuff all the time. It’s a touch much sometimes.”
This Is Us airs Tuesdays (9 pm. ET) on NBC.
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Justin Hartley: Wants A Nude Scene

Justin Hartley Is 'a Little Upset' He Hasn't Had a Nude Scene on 'This Is Us': 'Am I Losing It?'

Justin Hartley is just as stumped as his fans as to why he hasn't been asked to strip down on This Is Us. 
On the pilot episode of the NBC drama, Milo Ventimiglia took it all off, but for some reason, a nude scene hasn't been written in for Hartley.
 "You know, the thing about it is -- no, I'm a little upset about it,"the 40-year-old heatthrob  joked while on Monday's episode of The Talk. "I mean, what does that say? Am I losing it?"
That being said, Hartley gushed over the acting chops of Ventimiglia, his onscreen father. 
"He's a tremendous actor and a very talented guy and a very sweet guy," he noted. "But also a very good sport and just an awesome human being."
Hartley clearly loves This Is Us as much as the show's 13 million weekly viewers. "We're talking about things that actually happen in real life and emotional things that couples go through," Justin said on ET. "There's death and there's loss, but there's also celebrations, right? I think any time you have a show that after you watch it, it sort of sits with you for a while and you take pause and you talk about it, yeah, it affects your life."

Justin Hartley: "The Daytime Guy"


Justin Hartley On His THIS IS US Success: “I Didn’t Know I Was Known As The ‘Daytime Guy’. But This Show Has Certainly Changed The Trajectory Of Things.” 


 With only two more emotional episodes left of season one of the hit NBC series, This Is Us, Justin Hartley (Kevin Pearson) has certainly become a household name – with interviews and appearances on many top-notch entertainment outlets and talk shows.  Justin has shown just what soap opera fans have known for decades, that this guy is not only mighty-fine looking, but he can act, too!


Y&R fans were disappointed when Hartley departed the number-one soap where he played Adam Newman to the hilt to play one of the leading roles in the Dan Fogelman drama, but were thrilled for his primetime success. The fact that he can still be seen each week on their TV screens is fantastic for his longtime and new fans.
“I didn’t know I was known as the ‘daytime guy. But this show certainly has changed the trajectory of things.” In fact,  he related that recently a fan approached him who knew of his work on the now defunct Passions as Fox Crane and asked, “So, what happened after that? Did you quit?”  Far from it!  Hartley kept busy appearing on many primetime dramas, and going back to daytime, before nabbing the role on This Is Us.
As to just how good the scripts are each week on This Is Us, Justin could not be more happy and motivated: “There’s also something very daunting about reading a script and being like, ‘Oh my God, I hope I’m good enough to make this work,’ which is where I’m at right now.”
His role and that of the other leading male characters on This Is Us, played by Sterling K. Brown and Milo Ventimiglia, has given Justin a new view on fatherhood ( he is the dad to 12-year-old daughter Isabella) and masculinity: “It’s reinforced a lot of things I thought before. One of the things I constantly do is try to show my daughter what that is, what that means, what a man does. I try to show her that by example. I want her to find somebody that obviously measures up — she’s wonderful — and that deserves her. And there obviously isn’t anyone that does, but we’ll get close, hopefully.” 
Justin added, ”There’s a time and a place where (being) a father is important, or a brother, or a relationship with a buddy,” he says of what it is to be a man as it is portrayed on This Is Us.
On Monday, Hartley was over the moon, and rightfully so, after the Hollywood new-source that is an institution, Variety featured him and the cast of This Is Us on the cover. Justin tweeted “Thanks @ Variety for the time and the space of your much coveted cover. Honored! I’m gonna get a copy, or 10, or 10 hundred.”