Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Justin Hartley: Wants A Nude Scene

Justin Hartley Is 'a Little Upset' He Hasn't Had a Nude Scene on 'This Is Us': 'Am I Losing It?'

Justin Hartley is just as stumped as his fans as to why he hasn't been asked to strip down on This Is Us. 
On the pilot episode of the NBC drama, Milo Ventimiglia took it all off, but for some reason, a nude scene hasn't been written in for Hartley.
 "You know, the thing about it is -- no, I'm a little upset about it,"the 40-year-old heatthrob  joked while on Monday's episode of The Talk. "I mean, what does that say? Am I losing it?"
That being said, Hartley gushed over the acting chops of Ventimiglia, his onscreen father. 
"He's a tremendous actor and a very talented guy and a very sweet guy," he noted. "But also a very good sport and just an awesome human being."
Hartley clearly loves This Is Us as much as the show's 13 million weekly viewers. "We're talking about things that actually happen in real life and emotional things that couples go through," Justin said on ET. "There's death and there's loss, but there's also celebrations, right? I think any time you have a show that after you watch it, it sort of sits with you for a while and you take pause and you talk about it, yeah, it affects your life."

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