Wednesday, May 31, 2017

You Must LOVES Equinox Greenwich Ave!

The Greenwich Avenue club is quintessential Equinox. West Village locals converge in the glass-walled street-level lounge, energizing this pulsing five-story fitness mecca. The club features vaulted ceilings, chandeliered locker rooms, a boxing studio and a hidden pool.

 Get down to business at this busy Equinox. It is the place to hit the treadmill hard. The trainers at this Equinox are in a class of their own. You might catch a celeb or two flexing in the window at this village hotspot.
Photo of Equinox / Greenwich Avenue 
 Getting ripped at a luxury gym will make you want to get more naked everywhere, says luxury gym Equinox.
OK, if your prerequisite for being comfortable getting more naked everywhere is having the body of a super-fit fashion model, sure, makes sense. Getting ripped at a luxury gym will also make you want to get a black eye, though, or stow away with your buddy in the trunk of a luxury Mercedes, says Equinox.
 That makes less sense, because it's dumb to get punched in the face, or cram two people into the trunk of a sedan.
The images in the new print and digital campaign from Wieden + Kennedy in New York, shot by photographer Robert Wyatt, feature the tagline "Equinox made me do it," because writ large, getting ripped at a luxury gym will make you feel like a badass, says the company. That means all kinds of new confidence and adventures with your high-end fashion accessories.
It's not dissimilar in spirit to a highly sexualized campaign, shot by Terry Richardson, that the brand pulled amid criticism late last year. It's just toned in favor of a more ambiguously suggestive and playful sort of mischief, which makes it right on target for a health club that likes to hire fashion photographers to give it that vague haute glow.
The new campaign even approaches direct relevance to the brand's actual product—fitness—with the shot of the guy in the ice bath, assuming he's recovering from a particularly intense workout … though he probably doesn't really need to bring that fancy watch into the tub with him.

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